Youtube turns to 3D from HD

Google says that its the time to launch 3D for YouTube by converting HD videos into 3D.Hence the already uploaded videos of 1080 pixels can be automatically converted into 3D or you can upload a real 3D content directly.Nowadays 3D cameras available that uses the virtue of two separate lenses to capture and store content in 3 dimensions.Now check out the 3D button next to quality option of youtube video bar and you can enjoy contents in 3D with the aid of  3D glasses.

Now you want to make your own 3D videos but  dissapointed without a 3D camera ., don’t worry just go to YouTube and upload  your 2D video.Then  click ‘edit info’ and opt ‘3D video’ at the top right of the menu.Now enjoy your own video in 3D.



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