Xiaomi Redmi 4 Heating issue while charging-Overheating [SOLVED]

Fix redmi 4 overheating issue while chargingXiaomi Redmi 4 Heating issue has been reported by most of the customers. This model comes with a huge battery of 4000 mAH capacity and a DC 5 volt 2 Ampere charger. So the heating issues will be significantly noticeable unlike other smartphones. Even though redmi 4 smartphones are featured at budget series, their specifications are excellent. The only issue now customers encountered is redmi 4 overheating while charging. Fortunately here is the solution 4 heating up. You could easily fix the overheating issue of redmi 4 with following steps. Please note that small amount of heating is usual because this phone has 4000 mAH battery fueled by 2 ampere charger.

How to Fix Xiaomi Redmi 4 Overheating issue

Solutions for Xiaomi redmi 4 and Prime model overheating issue while charging is here.You need to update your newly purchased smartphone to the latest version.Latest version is MIUI v 8.2. 10. 0. MAMMIEA. This update rolled out on last week of June 2017 mainly to fix overheating issues. To update your Redmi 4 smartphone, simply go to “tools folder” and find update icon. Click to update and your phone will show you the latest update available for your handset model. The update was small in size around 120 MB only. You could update with your mobile data or WiFi only option. Installation will be complete after rebooting your smartphone. Now your smartphone fixed the bug that caused overheating while charging. Please keep your mobile phone with at least 30 % battery charge to proceed download and update.

Heating Up Redmi 4 smartphone – Problem Solved

Now plug the charger and check weather it is over heating or not.I hope your problem is solved now you could charge your phone without overheating from 1% to 100%.Please note that using smartphone while charging will initiate heating. So do not complain that your smartphone is overheating while charging since you are using it for browsing or gaming. The best practice is to keep the phone idle while charging. Otherwise charging time may increase and the phone as well as charger will heat up and finally result a failure.

MIUI-V8-2.10.0 MAMMIEA software Update to solve Redmi 4 Heating issue

Latest update for Redmi 4 termed m i u i V 8.2. 10. 0.MAMMIEA is meant for Optimization. This update mainly focuses on system Optimization including heating issues during charging. Another problem for Redmi 4 is the no sensitivity in low light. So the fix for this bug also included in this system update. Another minute Optimizations like fix for status bar notification bar and gallery photos hidden album.

Redmi 4 users may have noticed some disadvantages like replication issues after importing contacts from sim card. Fortunately MI developers fixed this wish you also in the last update. Some users also complaint that that feel delay issues with incoming calls. To fix all the bugs simply update your Redmi 4 smartphone. The update come OTA around 120 MB download size. The installation will be followed by download and a reboot. Hope your Redmi 4 overheating issue is solved. If your smartphone is still heating up while charging, share your feedback below.

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  1. Thank you for the explanation, I have done all the above ,but still my redmi 4 gets heating up to 41 degree while charging (even though after updation). while using the 0.7A charger,there is no heating problem that is I have charged it from 50% to 100% @ 35 degree temperature. but while using 4G network it also gets heated .I want to know whether there is any problem while charging with low Amperage charger (0.7-1 A)

    • Hi Arun,
      Heating upto 41 degree is normal for Redmi 4.Usually temperature raises upto 45 degrees while playing high graphic games or recording HD video continuously.Better disconnect data/wifi and do not use mobile while charging.
      Some types of plastic/rubber back cover may increase heat by preventing contact with surrounding air.
      We recommend to use original Xiaomi Redmi 4 charger supplied with this smartphone for prolonged battery life.


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