Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime over heating Battery drain Problem

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime over heating and Battery drain Problem has been reported by users worldwide especially in India.Over heating that leads to battery drainage even not in use is a result of bug. Low Battery back up complaint has a solution by which you could fix xiaomi redmi 2 or redmi Prime easily.easily. Smartphone heating while browsing on 3G data as well as gaming is normal but here we are discussing about excessive heating even not using the mobile.

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime over heating that leads to Battery drain Problem arises by two reasons.Issues with smartphone battery or a software bug.Redmi 2 or Redmi Prime is more vulnerable to second case that is a software bug.When you noticed the over heating issue , automatically arises or after charging with any other charger than Mi brand.In most cases you may have used another charger like samsung , Micromax or even power banks.But the brands does not make problems, Amperage is the villain.Here is warning for all Redmi 2 Or Prime users, that never use a charger higher than 1000 mA.

 Warning for Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime Users about chargers.

The rated specs for Redmi 2 and prime smartphone is 1000 mA or 1 Ampere.Previous model Redmi 1s has 2000mA charger that was popular among users for quick charging other handsets. But never use this 2A charger for Redmi Prime or Redmi 2S.You could feel over heating and battery drain after some time.We tested this and feeling safe with low ampere chargers of other brands.

How to Fix Over heating to Battery drain issue of Mi Redmi

Here the simple solution for this low battery back up issue.Just hard format the device or try recovery option.No need to format memory card. You may lose data o phone including contacts and apps.Hence kindly back up this data before proceeding Factory reset or hard format.

How to Hard Format Redmi 2 Prime

Switch of the mobile and Press the volume Down key + Power on button .Now you will be guided to Engineering mode were you could see different options including format or recovery options.We suggest recovery options than formatting.


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