Xbox 360 Free Games Offer when buying new Gaming Console

Here is an offer from Microsoft.Buy a new Xbox 360 & get games free.Microsoft has declared a brand new set of deals for the Xbox 360 and Kinect, also as games for the console. people who purchase an Xbox 360 get four games at no cost. The offer can solely be accessible up to June.Those who purchase a 4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect can get a copy of Kinect Disneyland game, 2 copies of Your shape Fitness and one copy of Kinect Adventures.

 Xbox 360 Free Games Offer when buying new Gaming Console.Now shoppe  for a 250GB Xbox 360 and Kinect and get a copy of Kinect Sports, a copy of Kinect Adventures, and a code for Minecraft. buying a 250GB Xbox 360 while not the Kinect gets you Darksiders II, Batman: Arkham city, Gears of War three and Halo Reach.These are the features of Xbox 360 Free Games Offer.

Popular Games for Xbox 360

  • Alan Wake

  • Fable 3

  • Gears of War

  • Halo ODST

  • Halo Wars

  • Mass Effect

  • Crackdown 2

  • The Gears of War


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