Wireless Mobile Broadband internet Service providers in Singapore

Following are the Wireless mobile broadband internet service providers in Singapore. Singtel ,which is the abbreviation for Singapore Telecommunications Limited is a Public company and Subsidiary of  Temasek Holdings.M1 limited which was previously known as Mobile One is another major Telecom operator in Singapore whom provides Mobile broad band internet.

Star Hub limited is also a Major telecom operator in Singapore offers Wireless broad band services as well as digital TV services.

Mobile Broadband Operators in Singapore

  • M1 Limited (Mobile One)

M1 offers a suite of mobile voice call and data communication services over its 2G/3G/4G network, including international call services to mobile as well as fixed-line customers in Singapore. M1 was the first telecom operator in Singapore to offer 4G LTE network for mobile communications. M1 broadband is the Singapore’s first high speed broadband internet services.M1 also offers iPhone 5s and 5C.Mibox is another internet service offered by M1 comprising a Android set-top box.

  • SingTel

Singtel offers best multimedia solutions to Singapore.Services includes Broadband internet (SingNet), IPTV (mio TV), mobile phone (SingTel Mobile) and fixed line telephone services.Now mio TV has been officially renamed SingTel mio TV.2012 onward Singtel offers 4G LTE network at Singapore.

  • StarHub Limited

StarHub consist of many subsidiaries and services includes Digital TV,Cable television,IPTV,Broadband Internet,Land line Telephone and
Mobile. StarHub Mobile Pte Ltd provides GSM, HSPA and 4G LTE Mobile Network across Singapore.


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