Which is the Best & Fast 2G internet Service offered by Mobile Operators

Comparing different Mobile operator,s 2G internet speed and packages is a difficult task. We should consider many thinks like Price of Packages,Amount of free data,Validity ,Network coverage ,Reliability of service,Download and upload Speed,streaming support..etc.
First think you should consider about 2G internet is that whether the service offered as EDGE or GPRS. How to check that you receives EDGE services..its simple your mobile phone will show “E” symbol on screen near to signal and battery status notifications.”G” stands for GPRS which is slower than EDGE and not recommended for video streaming as well as connecting your Laptop or PC.

Faster EDGE (E) or Slower GPRS (G)

Network operators other than BSNL offers EDGE technology for 2G internet service to their customers.Also note that BSNL lacks signal quality in many locations like Tata Docomo. Idea cellular and Vodafone offers wide network coverage and good signal quality with EDGE services. Aircel and Reliance also has good signal strength but has limited network coverage areas.

Daily Packs or 1 Month valid Recharges

It depends on how frequently you access internet on mobile phone or your laptop.Nowadays people daily internet access is essential for young people due to the influence of Facebook,Nimbuzz, Youtube..etc.Then always opt 2G internet packs with 30 days or more validity.

Limited or Unlimited internet Packs

Like to watch Live mobile TV ,movies,Youtube videos or internet calling using Nimbuzz or similar apps then you need more than 2 GB of data per month.But 1 GB of data is enough for accessing Facebook Ebuddy,and browsing many websites with Operamini or Ucweb without video streaming services.Go for 2GB or more internet plans if you want to use your mobile phone as a modem and connect to your laptop.

IMPORTANT: Beware of Unlimited 2G internet Packs with FUP( Fair Usage Policy).Since they will reduce the speed of data transfer after predefined usage (say 2GB) from normal EDGE speed (upto 150 kb/s) to low as 40 Kb/s.



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