Videocon 4G will be cheap as 3G plans -Launching confirmed

Before saturating 3G India is moving to 4G and Videocon is the latest player.player. Videocon Telecoms announced their 4G strategy recently behind Airtel and Reliance whom already launched 4G service.Their  Packages are hot and we couldn’t complain even 3G runs on premium rates.Here is something hopeful that videocon 4G will be cheap as 3G data plans as promised by officials.

Videocon plans 4G services on 29 cities starting from Bihar and UP by the end of december.Company also plans for bundled packages of 4G data + smartphones. Videocon 4G service technical partners will be Nokia Networks and Huawei.

In the last years videocon freezes network services from south India since its un economical.Videocon has license and permit to operate in – Bihar including Jharkhand ,Punjab, Gujarat, UP East and West,Haryana, Madhya Pradesh.


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