Updated Skype for Windows 8 – Block Contacts & Many Features

Now Skype for Windows 8 updated with ability to block contacts and many bug fixes.Skype has confirmed that its latest release contains some fixes to some issues that existed in the previous version. the question which, in some cases, the outgoing video will not display after switching on the camera options menu has been fixed. In some cases, Skype calls is displayed wrong error message when your call failed. This problem has been fixed. Skype also crashed during the times when users clicked on the “info” menu. This bug has been fixed as well. Problem with the Skype crashing when the “party” will be entered in the input field of IM has been fixed. Previously it was not possible to switch between calls on hold. Skype said it was fixed.

Skype for Windows 8 has been updated to give users more control over who can contact them, courtesy of the locking pin. Users can now block contacts, if they choose, thus deciding their range of contacts to the popular VoIP platforms. Users can block Skype contacts, you must first select the name of the person to open up a chat window. Swiping at the top or bottom of the screen (or right click) causes the command bar with the ability to block a contact.
An updated Skype version of iPhone application also includes the above-mentioned functions. Skype for iPhone v 4.6 is compatible with iPhone 3 g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and 2, 3 and 4-th generation iPod touch. IOS 5.0 or later on all devices.


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