Trick to reveal the password behind Asterisks | UnMask Password

Trick to reveal the password behind Asterisks | UnMask Password Chrome Extension | Windows Tricks 2017

Usually, asterisk hide your password to stop others seeing what you’re typing. But sometimes this may be quite frustrating and leave to a password does not match warning. Here is the trick to reveal the password behind asterisks that help you a lot.Note that below trick works with windows PC with Chrome browsers only.

How to display Password behind asterisks while Login

unmask password to reveal hidden passwordUnmask Password is the small program which helps you to reveal the password behind asterisks.When you install unmask password extension, it removes the star symbols from password field. Now you could see what you are typing. It works similar to Facebook mobile browser login.FB mobile version uses the eye symbol on the right side of the password field.Clicking this eye icon enables or disables the characters behind Asterisks.

This program does not store your personal information but you should use with care. Do not use this chrome extension (UnMask password) at public places or crowded location since the nearby people could easily view your password.The advantage of this chrome extension is nothing but it makes login much easier.

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Download Link: UnMaskPassword


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