Touch Mouse & Touch Pad for Windows8 installed PC

How to install Windows 8 into your old personal computer and make it compatible.You don’t need to invest big bucks for  your old home or Office computer to experience Windows 8.The minimum hardware requirements for Windows 8 according to Microsoft are a PC of 1GHz processor with 1GB of RAM and Directx 9 compliant graphics solution.The space required is 16 GB for 32 bit version and 20 GB for 64 bit systems.

To get maximum utilization of Windows 8 you should add some peripheral to your existing PC .Without buying a touchscreen you could enjoy windows 8 features using a touch Mouse and touch Pad compatible with Windows 8.Here is the best ,economical and essential touch mouses and touch Pad available in stores.

1.Microsoft Touch Mouse

The wireless touch mouse from Microsoft is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8.It is available in the market at a price of Rs 3690.The touch sensitive interface allows you to navigate through the Windows 8 menu more easily than a normal mouse.

2.Logitech M600 Touch Mouse

"logitech M600 for windows8 price specification"

Logitech is a big player in computer components ,now comes with some models of touch mice.Logitech M600 is a wireless sleek touch mouse available at a price of Rs 3900 with rechargable batteries.
Rechargable battery offers many days of standby time with single recharge.To recharge the battery you could use the bundled USB cable.Logitech Touch mouse is also compatible with older versions of Windows .

3.Logitech T400 Touch Mouse

This is another model form Logitech good in performance but cheap in price.You could buy Logitech T400 at a price of Rs 2799.This wireless touch mouse comes with long lasting rechargable batteries

4.Wireless Rechargeable Touch Pad

"wireless touch pad for windows 8 pc"

Touch Pad is one of the essential input component of a laptop or netbook. Now Touch Pads are getting famous with Personal computers.You could buy an affordable touch pad from the market in a price range of Rs 3000 to Rs 6000.To compatible your old PC with Windows 8 you need a Touch pad that could input touch and gestures.

Wireless Touch Pad T650 from Logitech

No need of USB cable for Touch Pad T650 from Logitech unless for Battery charging.Price of Logitech T650 Wireless Touch Pad is Rs 4990.


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