Top 5 mobile phones for your 2013 first purchase.

Eagerly waiting for 2013 newbies and offers.?Here is the List of Top five mobile phones for your 2013 first purchase considerations.Note that this Top five list is based on performance ,popularity and availablity.2012 was an active year for moblie phone manufactures in India were sales shown a rocket boost.This trend will continue in 2013 also.

Top 5 mobile phones which are available in India.


Surely iPhone is the first name comes in most of gadget lovers mind.In India iPhone 4 is available around Rs 25999.Latest iPhone 5 Price in India is Rs 42999 and note that this is the lowest price available for iPhone 5 in India for Online purchase as well as at retail shopes.

Samsung Galaxy S III

The ikon player of Samsung is Galaxy S 3 and this mobile phone is considered as king of Android smartphones.Samsung Galaxy S III price in India is Rs 29999 and for this price tag S III is a real value for money gadget.

"iPhone-galaxy-top five smartphones for 2013"

HTC One X+

HTC is quickly gaining more attention in Indian smartphone market with new series and attractive features.HTC X+ is one among the best you could consider for your 2013 first purchase.

HTC X+ latest Price in India is 30999 Rupees.


Nokia 808 PureView

To battle with Android and iOS monopoly Nokia has their latetst 808 PureView smartphone.Celebrate with 41 MP camera and high quality graphics

Nokia 808 PureView Price in India is Rs 23990

Sony Xperia J

The Android ice Cream sandwich OS smartphone fron Sony with 4 inch screen size and 5 MP primary camera.Sony Xperia J was launched in October 2012 with 1GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and 4GB internal memory.

Sony Xperia J price in India is Rs 16000.


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