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A toll free number is called as freephone number that simply means no charges for voice calls to this number from any phone.All 1800 numbers are Toll free , do you think so ? Calls to Toll Free Number will be free from Mobile phone numbers or Landline Fixed phones.What is a Toll free number and how we can use it for business promotions.Why the calls to the numbers starting 1800 are not chargeable.In Simple word lets explain whats a Toll Free number and why its exists in market.Its nothing but a telephone number (usually starts with 1800 or 800 depending your country – India or US) .The number is billed for all incoming calls instead of charging to the caller number from which the call originated.The caller may be an existing customer or a sales prospect.

What is a toll free number ?

The word Toll Free number means all calls to this number from your prepaid / postpaid number will not charged. Instead the owner or registrant company who uses this number will be charged at a premium rate. Toll free numbers starts with 1800  are common in India but there are six toll free codes 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 and 844 depending geographic area code.The numbers may appear in Australia as 1300 and 1800 and North America 1-800-000 .

1800 Toll free numbers in India Lis

Who Uses a Toll Free Number – Advantages

You know the answer , Its for Business ? Isn’t ? Not only but used for emergency services as well as Helpline. The prime use to such free calling numbers are to attract business and keep customers.Also there is huge business behind managing toll free numbers , Its also a million dollar business.Nowadays even small/Local business requires such communication channels that allows free interaction with customers.Many Telephone and internet communication companies provides such IT enabled services to hire a toll free number without much hassle. Certain organization defines its mandatory to provide a toll free number as a customer care window or proper guidance on emergency situations.

How do I dial a toll free number in India or America ?

Accessing a service through a Toll free number is really simple.On older days the calls from Landline or Fixed lines are chargeable per minute on normal rate.But now you could dial Toll free number from any Mobile phone or Land-phone directly. You don’t need to add any country code or Area code like STD code used with fixed line.For example 1800-180-1104 is the national Health Helpline number of Government of India.

What are the premium rate phone numbers ?

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