What is speed class in microSD Memory cards

Confused to select a right memory card for your device.Primary thing we consider about an SD cards is nothing but its storage capacity,then what about its performance.For a memory card performance means How fast it can read and right data for the device.Gadgets such as HD video shooting cameras requires high writing speed than reading.Nowadays most of smartphones comes with High quality Cameras then performance of memory  cards are critical for optimum output.

SD card manufactures uses different Flash memories to manufacture Different memory cards hence the speed highly depends upon their procedures.To understand the performance of any SD memory card like miniSD,microSDHC,microSDXC ,you could follow speed class method of SD manufacturer association.IT will be printed on the face of an SD memory card like (2) ,(4 ) , (6) and (10) .




SD Memory Cards

Speed Class

10 Full HD video recording
HD still consecutive recording
miniSD, microSD
SDHC, miniSDHC, microSDHC
6 4 HD ~ Full HD video recording
2 SD video recording

UHS Speed class

1 Full higher potential of recording real-time broadcasts and capturing large-size HD videos SDHC UHS-I and SDXC UHS-I



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