Sony Xperia M v/s Nokia Lumia 620 ,The winner in Battery Back Up is ?

The major competitors in entry level smartphone are Nokia Lumia 620 and Sony Xperia M.Android is feature rich but battery back up is a serious issue when it comes with Sony Xperia smartphones.Nokia Lumia 620 with windows phone 8 OS and Samsung Galaxy Core all are making a tough competition in budget or entry level smartphones.Here is the most obvious question among these three major smartphone brands Sony Xperia,Nokia Lumia and Samsung Galaxy who brings more battery back up.Now we are giving the battery back up test results for Sony Xperia M and Nokia Lumia 620.

Sony Xperia M loaded with 1750 mAh Li-ion battery that powers 4 inch screen while Nokia Lumia 620 comes with Li-Ion battery of 1300 mAh.Nokia Lumia 620 has smaller display of 3.8 inches and windows phone 8 OS consumes lesser power compared with Android.The winner of battery life test is surely the Nokia Lumia 620 which will give you more than 1 hour in battery life while we tested with video play back and internet browsing.

However the tests are just for comparison and the actual battery back up time may vary depending on various factors.Note that battery life is majorly depends on display size and brightness, applications running on back ground and network quality.



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