Sony QX100, QX10 Lens can make your smartphone a real Digital Camera

Happy news for photo shooters who loves to takes snaps with their smartphone.Here comes an extreme Sony accessory that brings your smartphone the power of a performing digital camera.Yes we are talking about Sony QX10 and Sony QX100 lens cameras.Sony will show you what is an unusual lens camera or simply camera in an attached lens. The Sony QX100 being the high end model (price yet to be revealed ) features 1 inch sensor as seen in SONY RX100 M2 camera.Sony QX10 lens camera will feature 1/2.3 inch sensor with 18.3 MP and 10X zoom.

How Sony QX100 and QX10 lens camera working ? Simply buy the camera and mount on your smartphone and connect with Wi-Fi .thats all.Sony QX100 ,QX10 includes a lens with optical zoom,a CMOS camera sensor,a microSD card,rechargeable battery and a built in processor to encode the captured photos and to interact with your smartphone.You could access the camera options such as Optical and digital zooming and camera effects from your smartphone screen or connect other devices like a tablet.

Sony QX100,QX10 lens camera price and full features will be announced soon.With the introduction of Sony lens cameras a new era of smartphone photography begins and a bad time for digital Point and Shoot cameras which already got fainted in the market by price reduction of Digital SLR cameras.



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