Sony My Xperia Remote Security Services for Sony Xperia smartphones

Now your Sony Xperia smart phone is more secure with my xperia remote security services.Sony has announced that the service are going to be extended to users of Sony Xperia smartphones within the returning weeks. The service is actually delivered within the type of a remote security app which will help users to find and shield their Xperia smart phone and their personal information keep on the device, if it gets misplaced. Sony My Xperia Remote Security Services users are going to be able to download the service through Sony’s Update Center app.

Once activated through the phone’s settings via the Xperia settings menu, users are going to be ready to sign on with their Google credentials to the my Xperia website and obtain remote access to their phone. Users could able to sound an alert predominant the silent mode and wake the screen, through the net interface of the service. They’re going to even be able to map present location of their phone through the service, remotely lock the phone to protect their information personal informations and wipe the phone erasing data from each internal and external memory cards, if required.

Sony presently offers nearly a similar practicality through the McAfee Security app with restricted functions and limited amount validity, in some regions.

While third party services offered by firms like Norton, Quickheal and Kaspersky, among others conjointly supply mobile security services, they charge users a 1 time or revenant fee. With Sony rolling out its own security services, users are going to be able to like these freed from charge.


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