Sony Announces Android 4.0.3 update for Tablet P and Tablet S

To success in the price battle Sony announced Wi-Fi only version of tablet P  along with update for Tablet P and Tablet S from Android to Android 4.0.3 for the esteemed customers in Japan. They can receive it in late April. The Android update indented to provide multitasking features such as Small apps. This allows users for pulling up of applications such as browser.

The screen performance has been accelerated to improve photo capabilities .Also a couple of features like Blue Ray  Recorder app are included along with the goodness of ice cream sandwich. Your favorite movies or other programs that recorded on a Sony Blue Ray recorder can be viewed on new Sony Tablet Android 4.0 with built in Recopla app.

The price for the Wi-Fi only version is around $450 since the 3 G Tablet P version priced $540.

Contribution of Sony in worldwide Android tablet market is not in a successful mark and in India the story is not different, indeed the brand name of Sony has a golden crown.

The Sony Tablet S price in India is Rs.13500.



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