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Google recently added two features to Photos App and its very useful to make the photo sharing much easier.Now share your snaps more easily.This update is rolled out for iOS, web and Android. Google uses an automation Technology using machine learning that helps to identify the people in your photos, also the location of the shot. Obviously this information helps Google photos to recommend images for you to share. You could see those updates in a new suggestion section when you tap the sharing tab.You could also see the photos that others share with you even if they don’t use Google photos.

Share Google Photos More Easily with new Update

Another feature in this update is to share your photo library.Select this option from the top left hand menu and enter the email address to whom you want to share images.Hence whenever you take a new photo, the added email address will receive a notification prompting them to have a look. Share your library has another feature that how to display your old images. You could specify a date in the past to let them view historical images. source

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