Send Unlimited FREE SMS from your Tablet or Laptop

Spending all of your pocket money for monthly internet plan.No talk time and sMs plan..,Don’t worry here is the solution.Now you can send unlimited Free sms from your mobile phone or Tablets and Laptops.You should have a GPRS data plan for your mobile device or any internet connection for your PC.

You can send Unlimited Free sMs from .Before sending free sMs you should register with your mobile number .SMS delivery is guaranteed and very fast.Don’t use fake or disconnected Mobile numbers since your verification code will be send to that number.

Steps to send Unlimited Free sMs

  • Type on your browser address bar. OperaMini can be used for Mobile phones or Tablets
  • The website home page will be loaded there you could Register for new account,Requires a valid mobile number
  • Enter the security code they sent your number
  • Login with this code
  • You could also customize your password
  • Now start sending sMs at free of cost
  • Ignore the advertisements on the web pages

How they can provide sMs at Free of cost?

Providing free sMs for all users is very costly think, but with advertisement revenue they manage ┬áthe cost for free sms.But it is very happy to know that 160by2 doesn’t attaches advertisements on your sent messages.You could send 140 characters full sMs to any Indian mobile number at any time .You could send messages even from a basic Java supported s40 mobile phone.


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