SBI Maestro Card Expiry Date for PhonePe App UPI MPIN set up

SBI maestro card validity for Bhim, SBI maestro card expiry date PhonePe app

State bank cash plus shopping card maestro expiry date is required to set up MPIN for UPI apps like PhonePe and BHIM.Unfortunately, the old state bank of India debit /  ATM cards comes without expiry date and CVV number. New SBI cards feature Mastercard logo and a card validity year and month.If you are planning to sign up UPI payment with online banking apps like PhonePe, Bhim app etc debit card expiry date is required.

What is the expiry date and CVV number for SBI debit cards – Maestro shopping cards.?

steps to find sbi debit card validity and cvv number

You can’t keep the option to submit card validity through month and year as empty.Never put the random month and year like add extra 5 years to “valid from” date.These are really old tricks which will not work more.Here the simple trick to solve SBI maestro cards validity issue.You could definitely use for sbi maestro card expiry date bhim app and debit card expiry date for PhonePe or any online payment.

Steps to Find SBI maestro card expiry date & CVV number

This method applicable to SBI maestro card (Debit/ATM card) users which do not contain any expiry date or CVV number printed on it.Yes, we all know that this type of debit cards are really old and issued during 2008 – 11. Follow below steps for online payments using this debit card;

1: Card number – It is the 16 digit number printed on front side.

2: Validity (Month/Year) – Enter January 2049 or 01/2049

3. CVVnumber – This card doesn’t require cvv number.

Find SBI maestro card expiry date using internet banking  OnlineSBI

Another method is to check your sbi debit card expiry month and date is via you should be an active internet banking user, otherwise, u can’t log in to use this method if and only if the first method fails.

Step 1: Login to SBI net banking via

Step 2: Select e-Services tab on the top.

Step 3: From the side menu select “ATM Card Services” and then choose “ATM Card Limit/Channel/Usage Change”.

Step 4: Now choose account number and continue. You can find the expiry date of your Maestro card as shown as the screen shot.

SBI maestro card expiry date for upi payments

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