Save 3G Data by installing Opera Max on android smartphone

Solution for limited data plan on your mobile phone is here.The tip to save 3G internet usage by installing Opera Max is very simple.Before proceeding lets see Whats Opera Max.According to Opera softwares international its a free data-saving and internet data management app that can be installed into your android smartphone.This Application available at Google Play store free of cost.App size is below 6 MB and is based on cloud network by creating a VPN( Virtual Private Network).

Download Opera Max to Save 3G data

Opera Max app shrinks (compresses) online videos and photos across most apps on mobile data connections and Wi-Fi to reduce data usage.It can manage each other apps installed on your smartphone.So you could block unwated apps that access internet and use data.So it eventually increases the speed of available data stream by blocking unwanted data access by other apps.So you could save a considerable amount of data.

Also Opera says that Max app capable to compress an online video to 3MB  which previously used 10MB data to play.So its a good news for those who love to watch Youtube videos on mobile with limited data plans.Since in India 3G data plans are costly and free Wi-Fi zones are limited Opera max app will found its way.Here is the link to download Free app from Google Play store.

Download Opera Max to Save 3G data


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