Remove Unnecessary Android Apps which affect Performance

Android system apps can be disable,Clean master app for android is unnecessary, Delete android apps that comes on phone. Why you don’t need an antivirus app – Read further and improve your smartphone performance and battery life – Remove unnecessary android apps.

You don’t need to install each and every app in Play Store to make your phone smart enough. Which are the best apps for your smartphone recently purchased smartphone?. Obviously you will think about an antivirus software or some battery saver apps. Sure we will discuss about which apps are essential for your smartphone and which are useless. Hence you could save storage space battery and ensure over all performance of your Android smartphone. First of all understand what is an Android OS and which features included in it. Obviously it comes with some security features built in media player voice recorder and battery Optimization settings.

Before going to detailed explanation here is an overview about unnecessary Android apps. Unnecessary means the apps which recommended by Google Play Store itself and maybe number one in download top chart. Then why it is unnecessary answer is symbol. You will not get any or much more benefit while downloading such application. If you are basic Android user you don’t need to install following apps from Google Play Store or somewhere else.

Unnecessary Apps for a new Android smartphone

1. Antivirus software for Android Smartphones

2. System cleaning apps or performance booster apps for Android

3. Battery optimizer or battery saving apps for Android

4. Widget apps

5. MP3 players or music player

6. Video player

7.Internet download speed booster apps for Android

Ultimate Android Performance Optimization without Rooting smartphone

Why you don’t need to install an Antivirus app for your smartphone?Hundreds of antivirus apps available at Google Play Store with 4.5 or more rating and millions of downloads. Top anti-virus apps Kaspersky antivirus and security AVG antivirus free for Android 360 security Norton antivirus Avast antivirus and security McAfee Mobile Security etc.

Why you don’t need an antivirus software for android?

Because Android os itself offers moderate security from Malware. So you don’t need to worry if you only downloads apps and games from Google Play Store. Play store already scans uploaded apps, then why should you check it again for Malware or virus before installing using an antivirus app. But Android apps available as free download at many places other than Google Play Store. Downloading from such places will not offer security like official Play Store. So if you would like to download Android apps from other resources like APK mirror , 9Apps or any other second party app stores the seen changes.
We strongly recommend to install an antivirus software if you are going to download cracked games and apps from websites other than Play Store. This cracked version of paid app or game may contain Malware depending upon your luck. Your best smartphone will warn you while installing such apps from unknown resources.

Sorry I already installed an antivirus app, what to do?

Open the app and go for a full scan and wait for the result. I am sure for the 99 percentage it will not show any Malware warning or virus detection. Then you could uninstall antivirus app and save some internal memory. This will also improve overall performance of your smartphone because an antivirus app always runs in background. Note that some good antivirus apps like Norton antivirus will suggest privacy issues also. For example when I installed it showed me some apps which sent my personal data to somewhere and recommended me to uninstall it.
Xender was that app which send your personal info to somewhere including email ID name mobile number gender age extra. If you are an APK fan ( habit of installing .APK files from any resources other than Play Store) keep your antivirus app updated.

Should I need a battery saving app, NO and why ?

First of all battery saving app will run always in background that itself uses a certain amount of battery. So obviously you are adding an external load to the battery by installing a battery saver app. This type of app will show you the list of program drain battery. It cannot control or stop the running apps automatically to save battery. Also it will show advertisement like other apps unless you are running a pro version. New generation smartphones running on customized version of Android OS that features battery Optimization settings. So please uninstall any battery saving apps that are really useless. Now you will have more free space and RAM.

How to check which app drains battery?

Go to settings and select battery to view the battery usage statistics. We also recommend to remove unnecessary apps all games which it drains battery unusually.

Performance Boosters or Cache Cleaning apps

CCleaner or clean master were well known names among Android smartphone users. Actually what this apps do to improve the performance. It will simply clear the cache and free RAM and that will show as performance is improved this much percentage. Some apps will also let you to close background running apps. This will also free some RAM. New generation smartphones like MI Redmi or Lenovo comes with system apps that could optimize cache and RAM to improve the performance. Then you don’t need to install another app to improve the performance.

Uninstall Default Browsers or System browsers

Google Chrome or UCWeb comes to the top position as favorite web browser. Did you check that your newly bought smartphone comes with it a default browser. Did you ever used it. We recommend to uninstall system web browser and used Google Chrome Mozilla or UCWeb as default web browser. Each of these has Pro and con. Mozilla is good but drain more battery power and Chrome uses more Ram. UCWeb is well optimized and features built in file manager and download manager. But recent updates ruined this app with the news feed sponsored links.

Should I remove pre installed apps, are they bloatwares ?

New generation smartphone users customized OS that obviously comes with preloaded apps like shopping apps payment app news reading apps or even annoying Google official apps like Hangouts, Google duo etc. Check the pre installed apps bloatware using an antivirus app. Please uninstall if you don’t want them. Most of the cases search apps will annoy you with a pop up ads or that may run in background and use battery and Ram.

Unable to uninstall preloaded apps or system apps

The manufacturers will not permit you to uninstall a pre-loaded apps because they are making revenue with them. But you don’t want such apps then what to do. Follow the steps if you are unable to uninstall a system app or pre installed bloatware.
Step 1 : go to settings and view installed apps
Step 2 : select the desired app and clear cache
Step 3 : tap force stop, you may see a warning that this app May cause problem if stopped.
Step 4 : ignore that warning and proceed. We recommend to check any performance issue due to forced stopping of that particular app.
Warning: do not force stop any system apps, but you could always force stop an installed app.

I hope that we discussed about some unnecessary Android apps that everyone thought necessary. The objective of this post is to save some storage space and Ram. Hence to improve overall performance of your smartphone and save mobile data. Please share this article if you think useful for others also. You could ask any question related to optimization of an Android smartphone and improve battery life.


  1. How to disable apps running in background. It takes too much RAM. please suggest method to close or disable apps running in background of android smart phone


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