Remotely Track your Lost Android Phone with Android Device Manager

How to find your lost Android smart phone or tablet with Andorid device manager.Google officially launched Android Device manager to track your lost Android device remotely.AS per official android blog spot reports now it is easy to locate and find your lost Samsung Galaxy or Sony Xperia smart phones.This feature works similar as Find my iPhone by Apple and My Xperia services from Sony or even Samasung has Find my Phone service to track and locate lost mobile phone.Now its Androids turn with device manager.

What are the features offered in Android device manager.How can one recover the lost android mobile phone or protect the personal information in it.First of all you need to access Google’s Android device manager website.Use your Gmail account to trace or locate the lost or misplaced device.You could ring your phone when it is available on the map via GPS.

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Android device manager services are supported on devices with OS version 2.2 and above.This service still miss some features such as lock your lost device and show a custom message with a contact number to make a call back.Hope Google will add these features soon.



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