Real Me 2 by Oppo Launched at Rs 8990 and 750 Discount

RealMe 1 was huge success in camera smartphone segment. Aimed at youth, the stylish and powerful RealMe 1 follower was just announced today. The all new Real Me 2 launched in India with a Disappointing processor but a happy price.oppo realme 2 reaview

RealMe 2 – Only a Budget Smartphone with Killer Looks

When RealMe1 announced a second version of its success we all expected better specs.But nobody thought this successor will be under powered and lower priced item.The Processor in RealMe 2 is Snapdragon 450. The other smartphones in this price range runs on same processor. Eg: Redmi 5.

Comparing Camera performance the main competitor for RealMe2 is Xiaomi Redmi y2. The disadvantage of Redmi Y2 is Lesser battery capacity compared with RealMe 2 4230 mAh. If you prioritize performance just go with Redmi Y2, since it runs of Snapdragon 625 and well optimized MIUI 9 up-gradable to 10.

Oppo RealMe 2 Verdict – Advantages or Disadvantages ?

Its the first phone in India with a Notch under Rupees 10000. The specifications of Real Me 2 justifies its aggressive pricing.So its absolutely a value for money smartphone. We checked some initial unboxing and review videos of Real Me 2 and reached following conclusion.

  • Real Me 2 Camera selfie quality is bit lower compared to Real Me 1.
  • No performance lagging with SD 450 during initial testing
  • Not recommended for medium to heavy gamer like PUBG fans.
  • Unlocking by 3 methods are fast – Finger, Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth, Face Unlock.
  • 32GB version with 750 Rupees Discount is an awesome deal on Flipkart.
  • You need to wait for more for Blue Color version.
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for screen protection is an advantage.
  • Customer Care Toll Free Number – Free Pick Up by Courier and Dispatch after service.
  • Hope RealMe 2 will not cheat Fans by keeping 32gb version “NOT available always” .


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