Read Malayalam,Tamil,Kannada & Telugu in OperaMini Browser

View any Regional Indian language including Malayalam,Tamil,Kannada and Telugu in Opera Mini browser.You need not to install a particular version of Opera Mini web browser for Indian regional languages as well international language support.Follow the steps given below and note that this method works on any Mobile phone including  Java ,Android ,iOS ,Symbian and some Chinese  mobile phones.Opera Mini web browser is a free software and a must have application for every multimedia mobile phones.

Steps to Read Regional Languages in Mobile Phone Browser.

  1. Install Opera Mini .jar or .jad available for free at http://
  2. Best version for fast internet access and quick loading of regional language websites is Opera Mini version 4.4
  3. After installation type opera:config  on address bar and click to load the page
  4. Scroll down the opened page and you could find an option to change use of bit map fonts.
  5. Select YES for displaying Bit map fonts in your installed Opera Mini browser.
  6. Now click SAVE option.

Your Opera Mini browser is now capable to display Indian regional Languages.You could test it by loading any of your regional language websites or Yahoo malayalam ,yahoo tamil… etc. Your data usage will be higher for a small amount after making this change since it uses Bit map fonts for complex scripts.The text written with complex scripts will be rendered on the server instead of your mobile phone.

You could check your Opera Mini web browser version at Menu > Tools > Help.

Opera mini is the favorite internet browser for many smartphone users. UC web also popular and adds more functionality but data usage will be higher.So if you plans to browse Facebook and similar internet pages with less data usage try Operamini browser.Built in Chrome browser for smartphones has all language tools especially Indian regional languages.But Chrome for android mobile and Tablets uses more memory (RAM).

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  1. Can’t able to read malayala manorama website. I have enabled “Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts” but still its not working. please help me somebody.


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