Private Torrents are Not Allowed for Free Accounts in Seedr Fixed

Private Torrents are Not Allowed for Free AccountsPrivate Torrents are Not Allowed for Free Accounts, you may be noticed this info while trying to add some torrent link at that this issue only noticed with Seedr free accounts.We have the fix to Private Torrents are Not Allowed for Free Accounts.Before jump to the procedure just like to tell you what is Seedr and how its cloud download of torrents works.

Seedr – Direct Download the Torrents or share links

Seedr is a download client which allows any user to download a torrent file directly to their cloud storage.So the user could download this file instantly or later without the disadvantages of torrents clients.In simple words, you could download the torrent file from Seedr cloud storage as you download a file from Google Drive storage.Hence the speed variation or upload rate of Torrents such as uTORRENT or Bit Torrent avoided here.Yes, you could download the file at full throttle (maximum speed of your internet service provider).

Private Torrents are Not Allowed for Free Accounts

fix Private Torrents are Not Allowed seedr torrent

The steps to fix the issue for downloading private torrents are explained below.

  1. Load and sign in
  2. Click the + button to paste a magnetic lick or torrent link
  3. or click upload button if you have a torrent file.
  4. Now you may see a warning that Private Torrents are Not Allowed for Free Accounts and a prompt to upgrade to paid account.
  5. Close the dialog box and click notification button displayed as a star symbol.
  6. Now you could view the option to add the torrent to download queue.
  7. Click download and the selected torrent file will be downloaded to seedr cloud instantly.
  8. Now you can download the file from seedr cloud storage to your computer hard disk.

Note that above trick applicable to seedr FREE users who are unable to download private torrents.Have a happy downloading from seedr.


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