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The new mobile entertainment solution referred to as Phonepad can enable you to show your Samsung smartphone into a tablet or a gaming console. the most effective gaming partner your Smartphone ever had.Immerse yourself in moblie gaming, with Phonepad & it’s free connect & go controller.Think a third-party external screen, complete with a inbuilt battery and speakers on the lines of the ASUS Padfone lineup. Stream live TV Watch or watch your favorite films through Phonepad’s 1080p display.Yes Phonepad can turn your smartphone into a tablet.

Phonepad transforms your existing smartphone into a 10-inch LED HD slate simply by inserting the phone into a docking station.Phonepad’s distinctive display permits you to form presentations or share your documents from any angle.The innovative device measures 187 x 270 x 20mm and weighs concerning 968g while not the smartphone, that is quite significant.

The Phonepad may be employed in landscape in addition as within the portrait orientation.The pad are compatible with Samsung smartphones because it uses MHL as a connection protocol. up to now there’s no definitive list of the supported phone models.

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