Opera Mini launched for Samsung Bada Phones

OperaMini is the favorite Mobile phone browser of about 168 million peoples around the world. Now available for Samsung mobiles  that features Bada operating system.Bada is the smartphone OS unveiled in 2010  for wide range of products.Bada which means “Ocean” in Korean has a mission that “smartphone for everyone”.Opera Softwares found in 1994 also has a mission that World wide web absolutely anywhere in the world with any device- any platform and any bandwidth.

Before the release of Operamini for Bada  it was available as a java application only and can be downloaded from Opera.com at free of cost.When UC web got a great response by Bada users when they launched it for Samsung apps .Now its the time for OperaMini to make a boom since many users are discussing about its Bada version  for the last two years.

Download Operamini absolutely free  for Samsung Bada and Android phones from here and enjoy a more pc like experience in your smartphone that ranges from Samsung Wave series


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