Now send money to Debit cards through email with Square cash

Square cash announced a new era of money transfer over email.Yes it is true that you could send money to your friend or any one by simply sending an email which shows amount.Sending money through email is not very complex as you think.Also this service is absolutely free at present.Square cash will never ask for you toRegister or Sign up to send money over email account.

Square cash is founded by mobile payment company Square under co-founder of Twitter.How to send money using Square cash over email.? it is very simple as follows.Just send an email to the person whom you want to send money with amount as Subject.You need to CC meanwhile.You and the beneficiary will get related mails from square cash server to link bank debit card numbers.After linking both Bank accounts money will be transferred from one to other.So simple is it.You don’t require a specific email client.

Square cash is a mobile phone oriented application ,but you could avail this service from any devices which supports email clients.You could download Square cash app for iPhone and Android smartphones.Square cash money transfer now available in US only hope they will expand this service all over the world.


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