Now Backup WhatsApp messages On Computer from Android phone

Cant imagine a day with WhatsApp chat.Here is the excellent tutorial about how to save or back up your Whats app chat history on to Laptop or PC.To save WhatsApp messages on a windows PC you need a rooted Android mobile phone ,an Android file manager like Ghost Commander File Manager which can be downloaded from Google Play store and WhatsApp Extract tool which is also available as free download.Read following steps to Back up your Whats app conversation from Android phone to a PC.

Note that this Tips to Save entire WhatsApp chat history from Android to PC works on almost all smartphones including Android ICS and lower versions such as Ginger bread..etc.You could back up WhatsApp messages or Chat logs with smileys and attachments.Saved data could be viewed as a table as contact ID and Contact Name.You need to Download File manager for Android phones from here.

Download Ghost Commander File Manager from Play store
Download WhatsApp Xtract V2.1 tool from Media fire

Backup Whatsapp conversation step-by-step Procedure

Step 1 : Download and install Ghost Commander File Manager from the link we provided and Open on your Android mobile phone in which Whatsapp is installed

Step 2 : Now locate WhatsApp data base file as following ,
/data/data/com.whatsapp/databasae     (for android versions below ICS )

/datadata/com.whatsapp/database        (For Android ICS phones try for Jellybean mobile also)


Step 3 : Now just Copy wa.db and  msgstore.db to memory card (Note that these are the files you need to transfer on computer which contains chat history)


Step 4 : Open your computer and  Extract Whatsapp Xtract Tool archive to any folder.


Step 5 : “ !install pyCrypto.bat ” file from this extracted archive directory ,Note that use Run as Administrator while installing.


Step 6 : Connect your Mobile phone to PC using a data cable or simply insert the memory card on your computer with a microSD card reader to Copy  msgstore.db and wa.db to a new directory and if asked to overwrite just  replace existing files.


Step 7 : Open “ whatsapp_xtract_android ” Now it will generate conversation history as HTML file from database.


Step 8 : Now open these WhatsApp conversations as html files which can be viewed on any web browser such as Chrome , Mozilla Firefox or Opera internet browser.

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