Not enough Free disk space Error – How to Solve USB Pendrive Error

NOT ENOUGH FREE DISK SPACE ERROR is really make you trouble when copy large files to USB pen drives even though you have free memory space..We have found a solution on USB pen drives to How to FiX NOT ENOUGH FREE DISK SPACE ERROR.This copying error happens usually we tries to copy big files or movies with size larger than 4 GB.

Lets check out How to solve NOT ENOUGH FREE DISK SPACE ERROR on USB pen drives of 8 GB, 16 GB or 32 GB.

USB Pen Drive Error Solution


  1. Go to My Computer and Back up any of existing data on your USB pen drive or memory card which shows Error message
  2. Now Select Format USB pendrive option by Right Clicking
  3. Select the type of File System (FAT32 or NTFS) on new window
  4. Always select NTFS file system to Format your USB pen drive
  5. When format completes try again to Copy required file
  6. Now you could see your Pendrive does not shows NOT ENOUGH FREE DISK SPACE ERROR.

The solution to this type of errors on storage devices such as USB flash drive ,Thumb drive or Pen drives applicable for following situations also.

There is not enough Disk space to Copy this File
There is not enough free space to Download new files.
Try to solve this error using above steps.This trick works on 4GB ,8GB ,16GB ,32GB ,64 GB pen drives..

Works on Windows, Mac and Linux OS.

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