Nokia Lumia 625 not detecting Memory Card :Fix microSD not found

Did you find any issue with newly purchased Nokia Lumia windows phone.Many customers complained that their Lumia smartphone not detecting microSD memory cards.All Nokia Lumia mobile phones such as Lumia 520, 525, 620 ,625 , 720, 920 …etc comes with an expandable memory card slot.But when you inserts a memory card the device is not detecting any storage space other than phone internal memory.

Let us fix Nokia Lumia does not detecting memory card issue.First of all understand about windows phone which are pre-loaded with Microsoft security that far better than android smartphones. These security features are causing problems while inserting a microSD memory card to a fresh Nokia Lumia smartphone such as Lumia 525 or Lumia 625.

Fix Nokia Lumia 625 memory card not detecting issue.

If the memory card is newly purchased such as Sandisk class 4 or class 6 and Transcend microSD memory cards ;

  1. Format the memory card with a card reader in your windows computer.
  2. Ensure that the memory card is empty which does not contains any recovery or security programs included by the manufacturer.
  3. Now switch off your windows phone before inserting memory card and power on.
  4. Sure it will work

If the memory card is used one which contains mp3, videos or applications …etc it may not work properly in a fresh windows phone.

  1. Make a back up of these file on your windows PC
  2. Format the memory card
  3. insert it into the windows phone
  4. Now you could transfer the old files with Bluetooth or data cable.


  1. After following your instruction the problem remain unsolved. I’m trying with a Sandisc 8GB purchased 3 months ago


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