Must Have Features of a Business Laptop Under 50000 Rupees

Searching for a Best Business laptop Under 50000 Rupees ? Which is the best brand to buy a Business Laptop under Rs 50000.What are the features required for maximum performance.Here is the must have Features of a Business Laptop under 50000 rupees.A laptop that means for your business should be reliable ,brand valued,high performance ,Excellent service support ,multi tasking and better standby time.For a price of around rs 50000 you will certainly get a laptop with better processor like Core i5 and Windows 8 OS with enough RAM and graphic card support.

The best and must have feature in a Business laptop was Portabilty.Laptops with high performance and low wight will win the match in business class series.Scree size should be large enough for you and your clients.Buying a premium brand like Apple ,Sony vaio ,Dell,Samsung,Toshiba Portege and HP is a good choice for your business needs.

Must Have Features of a Business Laptop Under 50000

  • Portability

Portability is a must have feature in a Business laptop.Weight and dimensions of a laptop are extremely critical for business users.Recommended business laptops should be under 2.2 kg.It will be nice if business laptops have slimmer and more compact design compared with consumer laptops.

  • Display – Screen Size

A best business laptops must have matte/anti-glare screens (non-glossy display properties). Anti-glare screens will ensure optimum screen visibility even in brightly-lit environments like conference hall or outdoor work sites. Simply avoid those ugly reflections of the surroundings with better anti-glare screen feature.

  • Premium Looks and Superior Build Quality

Laptop should be portable as well as need to be graceful in terms of looks, sleek design and style. An excellent business laptops need to cut on all the shine that normal consumer laptops are generally associated with.

  • Business Support

Consider about the warranty and support for the Laptops models for your business purpose.Standard warranties offered on various laptops models ranges from 1 year to 3 year.You could also opt for additional warranty services.purchasing Extended warranty option is a good feature.

  • Latest Specifications and Battery Life

Your business laptop must have latest specification including Operating system and hardware configurations.At present intel Core i5 processor with 4 GB or 5 GB RAM will work better.Battery life is also an important factor.Go for a business laptop with minimum 4 to 5 hours battery life.


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