Best Multiplayer Games for your Smartphone

Since Mobile phones grown up to a smart level gaming also got a wide interface.Still remembering the old Nokia Snake games High scores.Greater Graphics capability  of smart phones resulted amazing gaming experience.The growth of portable gaming devices shows the bright future for Games as well as smartphones.Multiplayer games has added features such as pairing via bluetooth  or internet and gives an amazing experrience for die hard gamesrs.Here are the best mutiplayer games for the game addictive in you.









Best and Amazing Multiplayer games are,

1: Real Racing 2

Available on iOS at a price of $ 0.99 and Android as Free download.This amazing game also has a HD version exclusively for iPad.Really thrilling game covers almost all automobile manufactures and vehicle models.

2: Asphalt 7 Heat 

Available for iOS at a price of $0.99 from iTunes App store.Multiplayer connectivity upto 5 devices using WiFi or internet.Also view on HDTV by streaming with AirPlay.

3: Street Fighter IV volt

Available only for iOS at $0.99.It is one of the most popular fighting game features a simple combo move system.The battle Network feature of this game helps you make tournaments on battle Network.Multiplayer option can be used with WiFi connectivity.

4:Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

Available for iOS at a price of $4.99.It is the best arcade game for your smartscreen.This fighting game features the characters from Marvel and Capcom.To fight against others with multiplayer options you could connect your device using bluetooth.

5:GT Racing Motor Academy

This Multiplayer game available as Free on Android.You can Play against 6 players at a time.Variety of Cars and Tracks available


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