More Visitors from Yahoo and Bing ? Google Penalized you

Feels a drop in visitors to your site? Have you checked the website is penalized by Google.Here is an important trick to find out how Google penalty affected your site or blog.This applicable for all html websites or blogs running on Content management systems popular like blogger (Blogspot), WordPress, Drupal CMS and Joomla..etc . Google periodically releases its updated algorithm to check plagiarism and quality of content on web search. Note that actual reason behind loss in visitors may be different. Since day by day 1000 or more blogs are registering in which most of them follows well SEO practices from beginning itself.So this healthy competition may be a reason for loss in visitors to your site.

Why Google Penalized Your Website ?

As a part of quality improvement program Google thoroughly analyses the content on a webpage before indexing to its search results.Nobody can stand against this quality guidelines by Google.Since its a periodic quality improvement program beneficial for users who search relevant content on Google.Obviously this quality standards made Google became Number 1 Search engine.So you are used plagiarism or Article spinning software ,simply expect a Google penalty and degradation from ranking on search results.

Why More Visitors from Yahoo, Bing  an indication of Google Penalty ?

Yes its true that Goggle is most popular search engine at present. Simultaneously the number of visitors from search must be high on Google comparing others.SEO primarily targets Google and we all follows strict Google webmaster tools guidelines. Even though you are getting low visitors from Google it might be the reason that Google penalized you.So what i mean by More visitors from Yahoo and Bing is a percentage analysis.Simply this indicates you lost Google search visitors and still getting visitors from Yahoo and Bing.steps google penalty check

How to increase visitors and overcome Google Penalty

Best source of traffic is nothing but Quality content. Check your websites visitors details. Whether it comes from Google or Yahoo . Bing ,Yandex ..etc. If your blog mainly targeted to Indian audience , Most visitors should be from Google. Since Google is most popular in India and Asian countries.Also you could scan your website on some analytics sites which provides information regarding your past rankings.Keyword analyses and study on keyword position will give an idea about Google penalty.You don’t worry much about this technical terms since site auditing programs will tell you required results.

Follow Google webmaster quality guidelines to increase visitors. Be updated with upcoming Google algorithm update and safe from Google penalized website list.


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