Mobile phone with Under Screen fingerprint scanner is coming

Under screen fingerprint scanner is the next big thing we are expecting on upcoming smartphones.It is nothing but an optical fingerprint sensor that underlies OLED displays of smartphones.Synaptic is the brain behind so-called under-screen fingerprint scanner.Actually, the company was on R&D from 2015 to 2016 and came with an optical fingerprinter at that year-end.An improved version of the same will be introduced at upcoming CES 2018.

How does the Under screen fingerprint scanner work?

The fingerprint sensor (Clear ID FS9500) works only with OLED displays. When activated, it uses the panel to illuminate the fingerprint and then processes the beams of light.The reflected beam will do the job. So next criteria is limiting the thickness of display and digitizer assembly.Synaptics claims the sensor will flawlessly work under a sandwich of components.That means thickness can be up to 1.5 mm, including a glass/ fiber screen protector.

Under screen fingerprint scanner work

The advantage of the use of under-screen fingerprint scanner is that the protection from dirt and scratches.Both lead to the failure in identifying fingerprints later.Also under screen fingerprint scanner gives the gadget an extra aesthetic look by omitting conventional circular dip.So the big question is, can they offer same security level as ordinary fingerprint scanners? The answer is yes, from Synaptic.They tested and found the security level as same as its current FS9100 fingerprint scanner.You could find the same sensor on current flagship smartphones from Samsung and LG.


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