Which is the Best Memory Card for your Device? Types of SD memory cards.

Nearly  thousands of Memory Cards available from hundreds of Manufactures according to SD standards.Besides Brand names SD cards has different storage capacity ,speed classes and physical sizes.Generally available in three size category as SD Memory card, mini SD Memory card and microSD memory card.

Speed class of an SD memory card is associated with write and read speed,this are typical in video capturing devices such as Megapixel Mobile phones and Digital Cameras.


An SD memory card which is upto a maximum capacity

of 2GB available as Full SD ,miniSD and microSD



SDHC stands for SD High Capacity upto 32 GB from 4 GB available

as SDHC, miniSDHC  and  microSDHC nowadays most popular

with mobile phones




SDXC stands for SD eXtended Capacity over 32 GB upto

2 TB only available as Full SDXC and microSDXC



*SD, SDHC and SDXC are registered trademarks of SD-3C in the United States




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