Maximum transaction Limit of Debit cards for purchase at swiping machine

Debit card swipe limit information is useful nowadays since every purchase going digital.You could swipe your bank credit card as well as ATM debit card at any shops or restaurants where a swiping machine is available.But how much you could withdraw or pay using debit card swipe at a day per account?Let’s discuss maximum transaction limit or debit card swipe limit of all banks. Major banks are SBI, ICICI, HDFC, Axis, UCO, Federal Bank, South Indian Bank, Bank of India, Indian Bank, Canara Bank, Corporation Bank, Central Bank, Syndicate bank, Dena Bank ..etc

Bank Debit card Daily Spending Limit – swipe limit

Here the answer for your big question, How much i could withdraw from a debit card at swiping machine? Its 50000 Rupees per day per account.There is no minimum transaction limit or withdraw limit at POS terminal.POS stands for Point of Sales Machines which you could see at billing section in which your Credit card or debit card is swiped.You could swipe minimum 1 Rupees to maximum 50000 Indian Rupees at a swipe machine.This may be in a single swipe or multiple times.

Suppose you want to pay 52000 rupees at a shopping mall or textile shop, simply swipe your machine to pay 50000 rupees. Remaining 2000 you could pay cash or swipe again with another card.

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Tricks to spend more than Daily usage limit of any bank cards

Daily limit of 50000 per account makes heavy purchases like Jewellery or wedding shopping as a hurdle.So below some tricks, you could follow to bypass swipe machine daily limit of any bank cards.There is nothing illegal on these tricks.

  1. Get more than 1 bank account – So you will have more than 1 debit cards, using that spend more.The spending limit for 1 card is 50000 Rupees and you want to buy an item worth 1 Lakh.What will do? simple transfer or deposit money on 2 different cards and swipe one after other at shops.
  2. Use another person’s bank debit card, may be your family member, friends.. etc. You transfer the money to their account later or before going to purchase.
  3. If the Billing manager or salesman hesitates to accept multiple Debit cards, just split the bills.You could split the bills into 2 or more for an amount less than 50000 rupees and pay individually.

Debit card charges for swiping machine

"debit card swipe limit - daily maximum transaction limit"

Note that you will not be charged for using ATM/ debit card at any swiping machine.Instead shop owner account will be debited with a small percentage for each transaction.So don’t worry and pay digital money. I hope Maximum swipe limit will not be a burden for you anymore.If you have any doubts regarding bank charges or debit card transaction limit (card swipe limit), please ask at below section.

How to increase Maximum transaction Limit of Debit cards – Daily swipe limit

ATM card/debit cards are set to default at 5000o rupees as maximum swipe limit per day per account. If you want to increase the Maximum transaction Limit of Debit cards, contact your bank.If you are eligible simply apply for a credit card.Such cards have a different spending limit. Example SBI issues Gold, platinum cards..etc

Use debit card swipe, not ATM service to pay

Reduce the use of ATM to collect money and to pay at shops or restaurants. Instead use card swiping machine always.Use above tricks to overcome maximum transaction Limit of Debit cards.Keep away from ATM service charges and avoid long ques in front of ATM’s.Use currency notes for essential situations only.You could even pay the COD (cash on delivery ) services of major online shopping websites using their portable card swipe machine.


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