Low cost Aakash 3 will feature SIM card slot and Linux OS

According to latest reports next generation Aakash 3 tablet will feature support for Linux open source Operating sytem with Android.People could receive and make calls and SMS with Aakash 3 and the device will be capable to perform more graphics with a faster processor and RAM.

Aakash 3 may very attractive in 2013 with these added features among other budget tablets in Indian market.According to DataWind nobody can beat their policy that is cheap price with quality.Since their move towards Aaakash 3 got attention that many complaints are raised against quality and manufacturing process of Aaakash 2 tablet which is available in Indian market now.So it is the prestige issue of DataWind , the makers of Aaakash tablets to surprise the audience with Aakash 3 loaded with quality and features.


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