Login Fednet for Federal Bank Online Services & Net Banking

Federal Bank Customers could access their Banking services Online via FedNet ,the Online services and Net Banking portal of Federal Bank.Federal bank is one of the leading Bank in India and listed in London stock exchange and NSE. A customer who wishes to access his accounts through Internet has to register by submitting the FedNet application at the branch where he is having the account. There are separate mandate forms  for individual accounts and Partnership/Trust/Company etc accounts. Mandate form should be signed by all the account holders or signatories. In case accounts in more than one branch are to be linked, customer can submit the FedNet application to any one of these branches.

With FedNet portal Federal Bank will provide following different types of access to customers.

  • View the Account
  • Do online transactions.

You could access Federal Bank Online Services at FedNet .Click the URL to Login FedNet   https://www.fednetbank.com

  • Register Federal Bank Two Factor Authentication (2FA)for additional security for your Net Banking Transactions
  • Ignore any Pop Up menu while you access Net Banking services.
  • Beware of Phishing e-mails or SMS and never follow their directions.


  1. My user id ge*******2 . Recently I have registered for 2 factor Authentication . After that I cant able to login into netbank account . While loggin , it is comimg that your Java needs Authorization and direct for Java Installation . After installation of Java also , I cant able to loggin to my account . I have sent several mails to Bank and there is no response . Please solve this issue at the earliest

  2. I cannot log in to my net banking. Very slow. I tried on my laptop, ipad and mobile phone. All are “Thadaiva”No benefit. Can you do something on this? It takes hours and still can’t….

  3. Hello, What is the problem in your bank website? I have tried to login from defferent computers and tried chrome,firefox and internet explorer. I cannot log in to the web site and net banking, fednet.
    What is the reason? Please look in to the matter. I am in China.

  4. sir,
    after the repaings /modification of the net banking system,i cant login in ur site .

    Error 500: com.infosys.feba.framework.types.FEBATypeSystemException: Value passed to be set is null
    this is the messgae i’m getting,while trying to login.pls solve the problem at the earpiest.i’m trying to login from Abu Dhabi.


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