Link Aadhaar Card with Mobile Number Online

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As per the official guidelines, every prepaid or postpaid (GSM or CDMA) mobile customers should link their Aadhaar number with their mobile number. The last date to submit your Aadhaar details is February 2018. But the Government of India will surely extend the deadline similar to the situation of PAN card linking with Aadhar. However, the process of linking Aadhaar card with a mobile number is a good initiative by the government of India for security as well as privacy purpose. In India, a large number of prepaid mobile connections are active with fake identity documents. The irresponsible retailer shops practices selling pre activated SIM cards to anyone who comes with money. In such cases, nobody knows who’s ID proofs submitted to activate such SIM cards. When the process of link Aadhar card with mobile number came into action each of such SIM cards will be disconnected from service.

Link Aadhaar card with mobile number online? Is it possible?

Nowadays everything happens online.The bill payments, mobile recharges, gas bill payment, exam fee payment, even sim card can be purchased online. But to link Aadhaar card with mobile number a customer needs to visit the nearest retailer shop.It is mandatory to visit a physical shop anywhere in India to link your mobile number with Aadhar card.You can’t do it online using any Android or iOS apps or websites.

How to link Aadhaar card with mobile number offline- retailer method

At present, the only way to link your Aadhaar card with mobile number is to visit the nearest mobile shop or customer care office with the following documents/items.
1. Photo copy of Aadhar card
2. The mobile number which has to be linked with your Aadhar number

Steps to link Aadhaar card with mobile number at retailer shop

Step 1. Visit the nearest retailer or customer care office with Aadhar Card photocopy.
Step 2. Submit your mobile number and Aadhar card number.
Step 3. Then they will send the one-time password (OTP) to your mobile number to ensure you own that number.
Step 4. Just show them received OTP.

Step 5. Now you need to submit your fingerprint on the biometric machine.
Step 6. This process ensures the real owner of the Aadhar card present at the time of linking with the mobile number.
Step 7. Now the Aadhar linking process is over and wait for a confirmation message on your mobile number.
Step 8. You may receive this confirmation message within 24 hours.Read the message carefully and reply with Y.
Now your Aadhaar card is linked with mobile number successfully

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Linking Aadhaar card with mobile number using Android apps

There is no official or unofficial Android apps to link Aadhaar number with a mobile number. However, you may see such apps as at Google Play Store or Apple Store or somewhere. Please don’t go to these apps. They will steal your personal information and sell to some marketing agency. So don’t install any link Aadhaar with mobile number online Android or iOS apps.

FAQ related to Aadhar Card linking with mobile online.

Can I link my mobile number with Aadhar card online?

  • No, you cannot Link your Aadhaar card with mobile number online. At present no official Android or iOS apps available to link your mobile number with Aadhar Card online. However, you could see such apps at play store I request do not install.

Is Aadhaar UIDAI official website allows linking Aadhar card with mobile number online?

  • No. The official Aadhar UIDAI website does not provide any option to link your Aadhaar card with mobile number, however, there is a provision to update your personal mobile number used for Aadhar communications.

Is it mandatory to link Aadhaar card number with mobile connection?

  • According to present guidelines of Government of India, mobile customer should compulsory link Aadhar card number with their mobile number. But you don’t panic. There is enough time UPTU 2018 February.

What will happen if I will not link my Aadhaar card with mobile number?

  • Your mobile connection will be discontinued after the deadline to submit Aadhar details and verification. They disconnected mobile number will be inactive and may be given to someone other after 6 months or sometime.

I am a jio user should I link my Sim card with Aadhaar number?

  • If you purchase the jio number using your Aadhar card and fingerprint verification you are done. In earlier days many customers purchased using the printed copy of ID proofs such as driving license, passport, Election/Voter card etc. If you are a first jio customer then you need to Link your Aadhaar card with jio number at nearest jio Xpress Mini showroom.

I have more than one Sim card? Is it possible to link all number with Aadhar card?

  • Not only you majority of Indian on more than one mobile number. As per TRAI guidelines you could link up to 5 mobile numbers with a single Aadhar card. However, you need to keep more than 5 mobile numbers active just with the help of your close relatives. That numbers could be sustained using their Aadhaar number.

I did not purchase a SIM card yet? How to buy a new one using Aadhar card?

  • Now the retailers except only Aadhar card for sim card purchase and activation. So you need not worry to buy a new SIM card and its activation. The new sim will be automatically linked to your Aadhar card at the time of activation itself.

Link mobile number with Aadhar card is chargeable?

  • No. Retailers can’t demand money from you for linking Aadhaar Card number with your mobile number. Instead, the mobile service provider will give them money for each verification. However many retail shops are demanding money from a customer who visits the shops for linking Aadhaar card with mobile number. The Aadhaar card linking charge or fees varies from rupees 10 to rupees 25. However, you need not pay any fees for linking Aadhaar Card number with mobile. You could give complaint by dialing 198 toll-free number from your mobile number.

I did not receive any message to link Aadhar card number with my mobile number?

  • If you already linked Aadhar card with mobile number you will not receive any message. That is why jio customers are not receiving any message to link Aadhaar with their mobile number.

Fingerprint verification at retailer shop is secure?

  • The retailers’ shops do not Store your personal information. They are updating your fingerprint detail on service providers server. The biometric reading equipment is connected to the computer and the Internet. However, we recommend visiting nearest official customer care center sim card service provider to link Aadhaar number with mobile connection. Sure they will not demand any money from you.

Android apps to link Aadhaar Card number with mobile available?

  • Please don’t install any of such apps. At present, you cannot link Aadhar Card online because fingerprint verification is done through biometric device present at retailer shops or customer care office.

My mobile phone has a fingerprint reader? Can I verify biometric using fingerprint reader online?

  • Due to security purposes, the authority does not provide biometric verification through your smartphone fingerprint reader.

My fingerprint does not accept while linking with Aadhar card? What to do next?

  • A fingerprint reader fails sometimes that you need not worry. Better try after some time or visit another retailer shop or customer care office. Most of this biometric reading devices are cheaply made in China products, may not work with accuracy.

I am a non-residential Indian (NRI) then how can I link Aadhaar card with mobile number?

  • The deadline to link Aadhaar card with mobile number is 2018 February and we hope the government will surely extend the last date. However, any of your close relatives could link their Aadhar card number with your mobile number and avoid disconnection.

I don’t have Aadhar card yet? How to avoid my SIM card disconnection?

  • We strongly recommend applying for an Aadhar card. You will surely get your own Aadhar card before the deadline to link Aadhaar card with mobile number. However, if you don’t want to obtain an Aadhar card, simply take the help of any of your relative. They could Link your mobile number to their Aadhar card.

Can I port my mobile number if I link Aadhar card?

  • Yeah sure. Linking Aadhaar card with mobile number ensures your ownership only. You are not bounded with any particular service provider.

Can I link my Aadhaar card with mobile number at any other states than my home circle?

  • You could link Aadhaar Card number with mobile at anywhere in India. Please visit relevant customer care office. If you own an Idea SIM and that can’t be linked with Aadhar card at Airtel customer service center unless you ported to Airtel.

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    • Hello , only 5 SIM card can be linked with aadhaar card. If you had more than 5 SIM card , just select better 5 from this. when Jio came other SIM cards are useless 🙂 only problem is Jio network coverage. i have 1 Jio, 1 Idea, 1 BSNL, 1 Airtel and 1 Vodafone SIM. Total 5 SIM cards.

  1. My SIM card was taken with my friend’s identity proof (his driving license). Now I want to change this sim to my name. Help me is it possible to link with my aadhar card? Or only with my friend’s aadhaar card ?

  2. Please suggest a good android app to link aadhaar card with mobile number online . I tried some apps at playstore but not working. Aadhaar website is very confusing.


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