Latest Airtel Unlimited GPRS Pack for Rs.149 Recharge

Airtel Latest 2G GPRS internet Packs available for Prepaid customers on a recharge amount of Rs.149 with Unlimited data usage with 30 days validity.This GPRS pack is available for all existing as well as new Airtel prepaid customers in all circles.Latest Airtel Unlimited GPRS Pack for Rs.149 is not a true Unlimited plan.,ie you could browse internet on real 2G speed upto 2GB only.There after the speed of data transfer will be about 40 Kb per second.The plan is beneficial only upto Free 2GB and 40 Kbps speed is really slower for browsing in mobile phone as well as on Personal computers.Hence if you plans to buy an Unlimited GPRS pack to connect with Laptop and browse whole month ,Dont go with Airtel Unlimited GPRS Pack of Rs.149.The capping of speed after 2 GB is in accordance with Airtel’s Fair Usage Policy(FUP).


  1. 149 pack is too slow…they claim 2GB data usage would be at proper 2G speed and hence it will become slower. But it gets pretty slower like 2-3kbps in PC and 8-11kbps in mobile from the very beginning of the pack. I complained but nothing worked…I use to download 6-7GB/month.


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