Kodi users who streams subscription content for free are Breaking the law

Kodi movie app | illegal content downloading | Is Kodi video streaming is illegal ?

People who use Kodi stream subscription conduct for free must know that they are breaking the law. The anti piracy group FACT ( Federation against copyright  theft) Informed that investigation could start soon to target buyers of fully loaded Kodi boxes. Even though the Kodi crackdown half targeted the people selling this box, but FACT says anyone found using illegal add on may now be threatened with fine or even prison sentences.Under strict UK laws the imprisonment may lead up-to 10 years.

The investigations against Kodi users not launched yet but expect in near future.The above reports are based on some comments from Kieron  Sharp, the Chief executive of FACT. A ruling by the European court of justice in April 2017 said that the use of media players to stream content that was copyrighted would be considered as a criminal activity. Previously only the downloading of the copyrighted content was considered as a illegal activity.



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