Jio vouchers – Activate carefully or you may lose existing validity

Be careful with the jio vouchers that they will merge with existing plan validity. All jio customers are requested to understand the difference between a recharge and a voucher. Jio voucher is different compared with jio recharge regarding its validity. To understand this better please read further.

Why is Jio voucher different from Jio Recharge?

A voucher is like a Credit note that will remain in your My Jio account until you activate. You could check you have any active or inactive vouchers available at my jio app. You could also buy new vouchers. These vouchers are used to extend the validity of your current plan or daily data usage. In general, if you want to recharge your jio sim card you could simply go with their recharge option at the dashboard or buy a plan voucher. The difference is that if you bought a plan voucher instead of recharge it will remain in your voucher section until you click activate button. But recharge option from My Jio dashboard will lead you to Instant purchase off required plan that will be queued to auto activate after current helpline numbers contact 4g jio customer care number

Jio Vouchers will start from the day of activation | No validity addition

The main difference between a Jio voucher and recharge is that, a voucher will not get auto activated. You need to check my vouchers option in my jio app and manually click to activate. Here comes the important warning regarding the validity of your current plan and purchased plan. If you changed a plan or purchased a new plan as a jio voucher please don’t activate it before expiring current plan validity. Otherwise, your existing validity (remaining days) will be added or merged with the activated voucher.

If you’re done recharge instead of jio voucher activation don’t worry about remaining validity of the current plan. Jio recharge will be auto activated after expiring current validity.Jio vouchers activation should be done carefully since this process is irreversible and Jio customer care will not provide any help.


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