iTron PowerBank- Fastest Charging Power bank in World

iTron the fastest charging power bank battery in world is launched by a Kick starter project.iTron power bank uses portable charging technology that could recharge 9000 mAh in just 18 minutes.Power banks are must for smartphones today.Since the average display size of smartphones rise to 5.5 inches and quad core from dual core CPU.The need for an extensive power supply demands a quality power bank.iTron Power Bank-fastest charging among this category just introduced.

iTron Power bank comes with 3 USB ports that used to charge multiple devices at same time.Why iTron power bank is different.The whole thing is about its fastest charging feature.

iTron Power Bank is the fastest charger – How much Faster ?

iTron the worlds fastest battery charger power bank could beat all available models in the market.iTron could charge an iPhone 6 in just 3 minutes.Yest the 1800 mAh battery of iPhone 6 could be charged to 100% within 3 minutes.This so called Fastest charging power bank for smartphones requires Quick Charge 2.0 supported mobile phones.Cell phones without QC 2.0 shows normal charging up only.

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