You Know Why India Planned to Terminate 2G internet by 2019

2019 will the year to witness phase-out of 2G internet services in India.As of now, all mobile network operators provide 2G internet or EDGE service to all customers except Jio and Reliance gsm/CDMA.Compared to global standards the Indian telecom operators does not provides full throttle speed or moderately fast speed consistently.Even our 3G is actually 2G or 2.5G of developed countries.But the scene quickly changed when Reliance Jio was introduced 4G in India.The quick adoption of high-speed internet via 4G LTE network demolished existing monopoly and rituals.

News: India Planned to Terminate 2G data services by 2019

We are sure that this news does not make a sense for today’s mobile subscribers.Even new generation kids do not know what was 2G data.But the young generation already suffered sweet and bitter of the 2G internet in India.Those who do not understand the pain with 2G data service, Kindly change your BSNL sim to 2G only mode.Now feel the difference between 2G and 3G.Now the question is who bothered about the phase-out of 2G data service? Actually no, nobody worried about it.

The reason behind terminating 2G data services are as a part of suggestions from TRAI and Telecom ministry.This move ensures the quality of a lot of upcoming projects such as the Internet of things (IoT).Another important factor is that introduction of the 4G internet by Reliance Jio made a shadow even on 3G data services.Now other telecom operators are moving up to invest in 4G service to combat with Jio.So in this era 2G internet has no stand at all.Maybe India will be the first country to stop 3G service to give way to 4G LTE and 5G adoption.


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