Huawei E3131 SOft Wi-Fi,E5331 Data cards Price & Specifications

Proud owner of Huawei E303C Data card..? here is latest addition from Huawei after India’s most popular data card models.Huawei E3131 Soft Wi-Fi data card is three times faster than any other Wi-Fi data cards available in the market.That is you could expect data transfer speed upto 21.6 Mbps on a Huawei E3131 Soft Wi-Fi datacard.You could connect or share upto 5 devices with this data card.

Price of Huawei E3131 Soft Wi-Fi data card in India is Rupees 2250 only.On purchase of brand new data card Huawei offers Internet Anti virus software by ACG worth Rs 3000.

Price of Huawei E5331 is 3990 Rupees in India.


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