How to use Emojis in Messenger Video Chat Filters

Fcaebook messenger video call effects | Messenger Chat Filters | Add emotions

Emojis are the wonderful ways to express your emotions online, especially on a chat. If you enjoy video chat on Facebook Messenger, you can now use Emojis to express your emotions. This will add fun and colour to your online conversations.Tap an emoji icon to indicate feelings like happiness, sadness, love, anger or shock.

Facebook added new video filters with Live Preview

Facebook has also added new video filters that can be previewed live, along with the range of extra masks.This will exactly fit your face and interactive animations. Best feature is that you can now tap the camera action when you are talking in a group or person to person to save a screenshot.The screenshot can be shared on social media. Check this new feature now and use emoji in messenger video chats. Share your experience with facebook video call effects on android and iOS.

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