How upgrade to Reliance 4G services using current mobile SIM

How to upgrade to Reliance 4G services using current mobile number.Is it possible to port existing mobile number for activating 4G data services.Now you could easily upgrade to 4G services in Mumbai.Following steps will tell you how to activate 4G LTE on existing Reliance number.Note that Reliance 4G and Jio services are entirely different.

Steps to Upgrade to Reliance 4G on existing mobile numbersteps to upgrade to reliance 4g existing mobile number sim

Step 1 : Call 1299 from your Reliance mobile number and enter the 19 digit SIM serial number of new 4G SIM

Note that all GSM Prepaid numbers should mandatory Recharge for a 4G plan.The recharge amount will be around 95 to 96 rupees depending your network circle. For Postpaid numbers Mandatory 4G Plan is required.

Step 2 : You will receive an SMS confirming your 4G SIM registration instantly.

Step 3 : Send an SMS start to 1925 to ensure we have consent to provide 4G data services.

Step 4 : Now you can register online by clicking here


Yo don’t need to submit new copy of documents to Reliance regarding 4G activation pf existing number.But you need to purchase a new 4G LTE supporting sim card from customer care store.

How to contact Customer care for Reliance 4G services complaints 

Reliance Toll free number : 180030005555 (toll-free from any phone)

Dial 30335555 (toll free number for Reliance Network only) from any landline connection or after adding the local area code, from any mobile. In case your city has less than an 8 digit local no., simply delete the right most digit in the given telephone no., so for a 7 digit local number, call 3033555  . To call for Smartphone regarding services :Dial 198(toll free) or *222( Postpaid numbers) & *333 (Prepaid numbers).Note that these calls are Chargeable at 50p/min.

Can i use 4G Activated SIM on 3G smartphone ?

Of course you could use 4G smart SIM on any 2G or 3G smartphones.But the data services available will be 3G or 2G speed respectively.Note that Reliance 4G smart SIM cards available as Micro SIM or Nano sim only.You couldn’t use your new 4G Ready Smart SIM card in your current Reliance CDMA handset.

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