How to Use USB data Card as Wi-Fi Hotspot in Laptop : Huawei

Now you could use your laptop as Wi-Fi hotspot to offer internet connectivity for up to 5 devices such as mobile phones or tablets.To use your USB data card for Wi-Fi hotspot creation you need the following thinks. (1) USB data card that may support any SIM card made by Huawei (such as Huawei E303C )  (2) a windows laptop.You should ensure that your laptop has built in hardware for Wi-Fi services or you could use W-Fi adapters which costs around 600 Rupees ($ 10) only.

Access your laptop as a hotspot you just insert Huawei USB data card into USB port.You need to update the Huawei data card software (Mobile partner) if you are using an old data card. The software version which features using your laptop as wi-fi hotspot is Mobile partner this latest version of mobile partner will create a Wi-Fi hotspot in your laptop as SOFT Wi-Fi beta.

” Soft Wi-Fi beta works best with Windows 7 with SP1 onward  If you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista you may encounter problems in accessibility with devices such as Android smartphones,Blackberry,Amazone Kindle …etc “

” Huawei Hotspot offers connectivity up to 5 individual devices at same time however data speed and access may depend upon your Laptops hardware configuration and Wi-Fi range. “

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